Janet Parshall show – 21st July 2014


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It now seems as though I am doing a monthly radio show with Janet Parshall on Moody Radio. I very much enjoy talking with her and find her a stimulating and encouraging host….here is the latest show (on evil – my theme of the moment!)…which was broadcast live last night….the next one has been booked for the 21st of August…


The Apologetic of Evil (1)

This is part one of a three part summary of my talk given to the Keswick convention on the 16th of July. It is not the actual talk itself but rather notes and a summary but you get the main gist. You can get the link here.


You can get the original here audio here -


Bad News for the Good News – A response to Steve Chalke’s ‘redefined’ evangelicalism


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This one is going to hurt.  I wrote it out of a pained heart and know that even writing it will result in condemnation and abuse. I am not even sure that I should have written it.  Who am I?    If I deserve the brickbats it so be it…but rather than reduce this to personalities lets focus on the message.  Its not about me, or Steve Chalke – its about Jesus.  In my view the teaching of the ‘redefined’ evangelicalism is far more dangerous than the teaching of the New Atheism.  Let me know what you think.

I am referring to my latest article on Christian Today – if you think it it worthwhile please feel free to pass it on.  If you are in the US then for Steve Chalke read Brian McClaren or any others of the ‘new evangelicals’.   You can read the whole article here



Why England lost the World Cup


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This world cup has so far been one of the most enjoyable I have seen – the exuberance of Columbia, brilliance of Messi, flair of the Dutch, sheer class of Germany and some of the ‘Scotland’ teams (the minnows like Costa Rica) doing really well.  It has also been strange for me – I have experienced a ‘conversion’.  I no longer want England to lose every match.  In fact I am saddened that they, along with Spain and Italy, are not in the last 16.  I reflect on this in my latest article for Christian Today.  You can read it here.




The Young and Prodigious TS Spivet – A Review


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I knew nothing about this film when I went to see it with Annabel last Friday. Only the fact that it was on at the DCA (Dundee Contemporary Arts) and that the director was Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie) was reason enough for us to go at our usual Friday 6pm time. Right from the beginning I loved it. The 3D was fabulous – proving to me that 3D could be used from something other than action movies and cheap thrills. The cinematography was superb, catching the idea of the wide open spaces of Montana and Alberta. The acting was realistic, the story quirky and the messages within the film life affirming without being too smaltzy. Helena Bonham Carter was superb but the real star was TS played by Kyle Catlett. I loved the speech to the scientists at the end and the mockery of the sadly all too typical shallow talk show host. I loved the dynamics of the family and the clear difficulties they were having in coming to terms with the death of T’S’s twin brother. This film manages to be comic, artistic, realistic and profound all in one. If you get the chance go and see it – you will not regret it. Just make sure you see it in 3D – well worth the extra cost.

Just Another Brick in the Wall – why we must not let fundamentalist atheism destroy our Christian Education System


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This is the follow up to last weeks article on the Trojan Horse situation.  In it I argue that our fundamentalist atheists are so blind and irrational in their hatred of Christianity that they are prepared to get rid of the best bulwark against militant Islam, in order to get rid of us.  It is a foolish and short sighted approach.  Who in their right mind could think that the answer to Islamic fundamentalism is to get rid of C of E schools?!


And I thought this song summarises rather well the new fundamentalist atheist approach to education -

The Real Trojan Horse – the threat to Britain’s Christian Education System


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The atheist fundamentalists who want to get rid of all religion from the British education system are besides themselves with excitement.  The Ofsted report on muslim infiltration allows them to claim that since religion is the problem, the solution is to ban all religion from schools.  Here is my analysis of the situation – posted in Christian Today….let me know what you think…



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